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This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. In additive mixing of colors there are three primary colors: red, green, and blue.

In the absence of color or, when no colors are showing, the result is black. If all three primary colors are showing, the result is white. When red and green combine, the result is yellow.

When red and blue combine, the result is magenta. Additive mixing is used in television and computer monitors to produce a wide range of colors using only three primary colors.

The three primary colors in subtractive mixing are yellow, magenta, and cyan. In subtractive mixing of color, the absence of color is white and the presence of all three primary como usar eco subțire is black. In subtractive mixing of colors, the secondary colors are the same as the primary colors from additive mixing, and vice versa. Subtractive mixing is used to create a variety of colors when printing on paper by combining a small number of ink colors, and also when painting.

The mixing of pigments does not produce perfect subtractive color mixing because some light from the subtracted color is still being reflected. This results in a darker and desaturated color compared to the color that would be achieved with ideal filters. What you need Transparent plastic paper 6 7 Material Lamps incandescent and luminescent Prism White screen Diffraction grating or spectroscop What is in the white light?

Observation The incandescent lamp has a continuous spectrum, and the luminescent has a discontinuous.

Both gives a senation of white color. Conclusion The white light is polychromatic and is constituted como usar eco subțire all the visible colors incandescent light A Red Green Blue light can also give a white sensation luminescent light 8 The image and object positions are symmetrical in a plane mirror glass plate.

Stand one candle in front 0f the glass plate as charm slimming tea object. Place the second candle behind the glass plate as the image catcher.

Let the ray of light go through. On a screen placed in front of the ray of light you will see the rainbow: the seven colors of the rainbow. The colors create the light that is not white at all, but it s a collection of various colors. How do we prove that mixing the set of the colors? We obtain the white?

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Let s verify it Take a paperboard disk and divide it in 7 wedges and color each of them with a different color of the rainbow. Put it on a bicycle wheel, or make a hole in the center and put a stick in. Turn the disk faster and you will see that it will become optically white.

The time you need to observe depends on the sunshine.

Light Skin

Procedure 1 Cut two small pieces of aluminum 10 cm long and 7. Fold them as to obtain two stripes of 10 x 2. Cut a little of the upper part of one stripe and a little of the lower part of the other, fit the two parts in.

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Como usar eco subțire the other end of the thread to the piece of cardboard then drop the two aluminum stripes inside the jar and put the board as its cap. Put the jar in the sun and start your observation. What happens When the sun warms the jar the two stripes will start turning slowly. Why it happens Black absorbs all light and so also heat that light carries with it, while aluminum reflects light.

The intent of the proposed activities is to let students think about the vision of the objects and how they are reflected from a surface, by proposing them simple experiences that can be set in a basic geometric model of the light rays and their journey. Before these experiences children had the opportunity to observe and to experience light sources, lighted objects and the propagation of light. To better highlight the path of the light rays we scatter a bit of chalk dust.

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We draw with a marker the half-lines that identify the beam that hits the mirror incident ray and the beam that goes out from the mirror reflected ray. What can we conclude from the data collected? When the light strikes the mirror perpendicularly which is the measure of the angle of incidence? And that of the angle of reflection?

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Which is the maximum amplitude that the angle of incidence can reach? We formulate some hypotheses about it and we test them. Can you say that the laws of reflection are valid whatever the inclination of the incident ray is? Target : to demonstrate that the number of of images reflected by two mirrors hinged to each other varies as the angle of reflection varies.

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If you multiply the number of imagesincluding the nail, by the angle formed by como usar eco subțire mirrors, what value is it? What do we notice if the angle formed by the mirrors is °? And if the angle is 0°that is if the mirrors are parallel?

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What do we observe como usar eco subțire one or two hands between the mirrors? And placing sigiliul pierderii în greutate ping pong ball half - colored? Starting from O draw from the sides of the axis NS the angles: 11°, 22°, 35°, 51°, 69°, 90°. Note down the corresponding time from the dial.

Then fix a bent straw with an equal angle from the latitude from the place you are.

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Show with the compass the direction N-S and point the line NS on the indicated direction from the compass. Explication: The shadow left by the straw on the dial the solar time.

Attention at the change between the winter and summer time. Cut the carton so that the two square holes will be smaller than the mirrors; then cut the four slots 45° where the mirrors will be introduced. Look out the window pointing the periscope to a hidden object behind a corner or a como usar eco subțire.

Level 2 years old Explanation:The reflected light of an object anthers the periscope and falls on the first mirror under an incident angle of 45°, being reflected under a reflexive angle equal with the incident angle measuring 45°. On the second mirror, the light falls under the same incident angle of 45°, being reflected to our eyes parallel with the initial direction.

Level 3 years old Invisible needle Are you curious to know how a needle can become invisible? Materials: - needle - polystyrene form trays of food packing or a cork - a glass of water como usar eco subțire scissors How to do it: -on the polystyrene draw a circle and after that cut it -fix the needle in the center of the circle and put the disc to float on the surface of the water in the glass making sure that the needle is under water -look obliquely at the needle, from above.

Instead, if the disc is big enough, you find that no matter how much you try you can not see the needle, as it would become invisible. You will see it as sticking above the disc. This experiment is explained with the phenomenon of total reflection.

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The thin tube is introduced in the hole and glue or sticky tape is used to close it hermetically. Use a finger to cover the hole while filling in the plastic bottle with water; after that you uncover the hole and orientate the laser ray so that the como usar eco subțire jet might become bright.

Explanation The refractive index of the water is bigger than the air refractive index. That is why the total refraction phenomenon can take place. Conclusion If the ray of light falls on a separation surface como usar eco subțire an area with a refractive index bigger and one with a refractive index smaller under a bigger or equal angle to the limit angle of the ray of light como usar eco subțire reflects itself totally.

Put some balls aprox. Observe what happens with the balls.